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Our History

USA Farm Fresh is a wholesale produce distribution company founded by Solomon Evdaev in Brooklyn, New York. For over seven years USA Farm Fresh has been responsible for the buying and selling of fresh produce in the greater New York metropolitan area, servicing over 150 supermarkets, fellow produce distributors, and other gourmet outlets. Working with growers and shippers to bring fresh fruits and vegetables, that are grown in what are some of the best farms in the West Coast and Lake Michigan area. Aside from selling of your general produce, USA Farm Fresh boasts specialization in Balaton sour cherries, Early Ginger Gold apples, and blueberries. Our fresh fruits and vegetables have a unique taste that is raw in its originality and cultivated by the grower with the help of USA Farm Fresh’s pragmatic staff that works more as a communal collective than just a typical workforce, they see to the tending of their products and that the wholesale and retail needs of their customers are met with the utmost satisfaction.